Go Green with us!

            "Green Cleaning" is the biggest buzz word in our industry. What started out as a term used to identify certain chemicals has now grown into an entire way of operating an organization.

             Your Loving Cleaner is proud to practice "Green" in all we do. We recognize being "Green" as the continuous effort to use environmentally sustainable practices. This includes:
  • Paper: We use recycled paper products.
  • Chemicals: We use eco-friendly cleaning products where posible. Microfiber cloths allows us to minimize the amout of chemicals used and protect our clients and cleaners.
  • Microfiber: We use microfiber mopping systems to minimize chemical and water use and trap more dirt in the mops.
  • Equipment: We continue to update and utilize equipment that minimizes chemical use and impact on the environment.
  • Recycling: We will help you recycle more.
  • Shredding confidential documents  is a necessary step for every organisation:
  - To comply with the Data Protection Act
  - To protect your reputation and business

  - To protect yourself and your clients

  - To recycle in a safely manner confidential documents.

         At Your Loving Cleaner we are committed to sustainability and minimizing our footprint on the environment.